Monday, January 02, 2006

Xbox 360 Tips Tricks Tools & Resources

Update - 03/28/08 - So many people come to this page to get info on the Xbox 360 I thought I would update this page.

Microsoft® xbox site. Microsofts web page devoted to the xbox. Mostly links to Includes links to Halo 3 among other hardware and software links. The definitive source for all things Xbox. If you have not checked out you have got to get over there because they have links to the below areas among many others.
xbox main hardware page
xbox 360 hardware
xbox hardware

Xbox Live's Major Nelson's unofficial blog
- I surfed onto Major Nelson's very interesting site. Major Nelson is the Xbox Live gamertag of Larry Hryb. He is the Microsoft Xbox Live Director of Programming in the Xbox Live product group. He uses his blog to communicate to anyone interested in Xbox and Xbox Live. It is so cool reading the insights of someone who is on the inside.

GameFaqs Xbox 360 Hardware FAQ - This interesting FAQ has some good information that may come in handy prior to buying an Xbox 360. The writer of the FAQ goes into detail on the various boundles that are out there.

Pictures of Xbox owners home setup. - Some recent photos of an interesting paint job.

According to 360 photo scam still going. Some unscrupulous people are scamming unsuspecting shoppers. So be careful when shopping online.

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