Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bit Torrent Tips, Tricks & Tools

Recent Bit Torrent News;

MPAA sues newsgroup, P2P search sites including some Bit Torrent sites.

Where's the Line Drawn?

Warner Bros. to launch P2P video service in Europe @ DigitalMediaAsia.Com

Bit Torrent, notorious for the illegal distribution of copyrighted material, reached an agreement with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in November to cooperate in removing illegal material. Since then, Bit Torrent has been rumoured to be in negotiations with movie studios for distribution contracts.

Bit Torrent its VC Backing & RSS @

Cool Bit Torrent Links;

Bit Torrent Spy

How to make a Bit Torrent File @ Bit Torrent Spy

BitTorrent Terminology

How to install PCI cards Torrents Tags

What Are The Good BitTorrent Search Engines?

BitTorrents 101: A Handbook For New Users

The Top 30 Torrent Sites of 2005

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40 said...

Thanks for this posting. I have been wanting to get caught back up on some bittorrent stuff. Messed with it last summer and with my baby and all, got a little away from it.

Might have to check these out this weekend.

Thanks again.