Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black Ops II Tips and Tricks Arms Race League Play

I have been playing so much Black Ops II lately, it is pretty much all I have been doing. And there have been a couple of new developments recently that I want to put the word out about. 1. The game just got patched and there is a new game mode. It is called Arms Race. And right from the Playlists page it says; "For a limited time. the Arms Race Team Deathmatch variant awards players 150 score per kill. Let the Scorestreak wars begin." I've played it a few times and it seems like a cool game, but because of my next tip I have not had a lot of time to play it. 2. Tip number two is a very cool one I think. It is about League Play, which I have been playing a lot lately also. The new season is about to start and it is in preseason. I have been playing the Team Deathmatch Series which is fun, but there is something else that makes it special. It gives you a lot of XP when you play, if you are on the losing team, you get 7500 points of XP and if you are on the winning team you get 10000. Try it and see how it works out for you. There are a few drawbacks to playing League Play, it takes forever to get matched up, and if you are a player that averages more then 10000 points of XP per game (some slayers might) then this might not worth it to you. I hope these tips and tricks help you out, and feel free to leave me a comment to let me know what you think about the new game mode "Arms Race" and if you are getting lots of XP from playing League Play.

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