Friday, May 24, 2013

Bio Shock Infinite: Really Fun Game

I have been working on my review of Bio Shock Infinite since I bought the game about a week ago, but I am having so much fun that it is hard for me to complete my write up.  So let me say here at the start, instead of reading about this wonderful game, you should just go and buy it, and play it none stop. LOL.

Now that this is out of the way. Here is what I have written so far;

Just finished playing the video game Bio Shock Infinite (in hard mode, working on 1999 mode as I type this). And I have to say, this was a really well made game. It is not often that a game lives up to the hype that surrounds it. Many have put this game on their list of best games of 2013, and I would have to add that I think it is a great game.

Let's start with the visual design, this game is so pretty to look at. Even the more gruesome parts of the game make you want to really look at them. Your eyes will love this game, I know that mine did. I really enjoy that small town Americana treatment that they give this game. They nail it, from the hints of patriotism to the images of children that are throughout the game. The religious imagery is pitch perfect, they present religion visually just the way I remember it in small town Louisiana growing up as a boy.

Next comes the music, and sound production that is in the game. This game has so much wonderful music in it that it is hard to capture it all. It uses modern songs, like Cindy Laupers "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and CCR's "Fortunate Son" to Jazz standards like "St Louis Infirmary Blues". Which for a music lover like myself is just delightful. And I have to say that I was blown away with the placement of the music, the songs fit the situation so well. You want to play through this game just to get a feel for all the wonderful music in the game.

The story is also very good, and by good I mean thought provoking. Many interesting concepts are presented in a very satisfying way, time travel, alternate universes, racism, questions about the choices we make. And none of these themes overpowers any of the rest of the story. And I have to tell you that I was surprised by this, because I figured that some of the more heavy elements of the story, like racism once brought out into the open of the story, would just bog it all down, but it does not do that. The different elements come together as a very nice satisfying whole. And it really makes you think about the possibilities.

If this game has a weakness, and this is a very slight critisim (probably due to my being new to the BioShock franchise), it is the game fighting machanics. The battles sometimes were confusing to me, I had a hard time figuring out which direction enemies were shooting at me from. Which made me think that I needed a map, to help orientate myself. But I will say this did more to add to my sense of terror, and frustration also. I will just say that the fighting machanics in this game needs to be played to get used to. Which may add to its overall replay value.

Overall I would say this is a very good game, one of my favorites for the year. And this game could get into the Hall of Fame of games for me. I believe that it will also have some replay value because the world that is created cannot really be experienced in one play through, and there is also the various modes that the game can be played in (1999 mode for example).

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