Monday, July 15, 2013

Be aware of emails from Ad Agencies

Got an email this morning from and Ad Agency with the subject line: Article placement Question.  No real specifics just the usual question concerning rather I would allow them to place articles in my blog for their clients.  No mention of what the ads are, who their clients are.  This is becoming a common occurrence and makes me wonder why people keep sending out these vague request.  I mean does anyone other then me get these?  And does anyone respond to them?

Did a quick Google search which led me to the article who or what the fuck is media discovery which is an interesting read, and its comments answers the questions that the original email did not answer.  Thanks to the original poster for writing this and posting it, and thanks to the many comments that answered my questions.

So what should you do if you get these kind of emails and have questions?

1. Do a quick search on the domain name of the sender.  In this case the email was sent by

- They don't seem to have a list of clients, or at least I could not get any info as to who their clients really are.
- Supposedly they post ads about gambling sites, still not really sure what all their content is.
- They may not actually be located in the UK, as their email address leads you to believe.  A lot of their traffic comes from and goes to India.

2. Ask other bloggers if they have heard of this organization.

- None of my blogger friends had heard of these guys.
- A blogger wrote this about these guys >>> scammers and spammers caution to all

3. Trust your instincts, if it sound too good to be true.  Then it probably is!

Finally I hope this puts the word out about discover media, and answers your questions.  Also I wanted to provide my fellow continent creators with rules of how to deal with some of the emails we all get from so called Ad Agencies.

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