Monday, June 10, 2013

Games I Play: Golf - Sunday Bag, Medicus 7 Iron

I've been playing a lot of golf lately over the last couple of weeks.  I am about to go right after I post this.  And I've made a few purchases to help build my equipment and get more out of my practice sessions.

If I had to describe my game, I would say that I am a novice golfer.  Maybe an advanced novice, in that I am not a complete beginner, I have been playing for about ten years altogether.  But my game has not really progressed beyond the nine hole short courses that I like to play on.  I live in San Diego so there are a lot of very cool places to golf here.  And I am also retired from the Navy so I get to play on a several cool military base courses.

I am still working on my swing, my tempo, and my putting.  I am still trying to figure out just how far I can hit each of my clubs, and have been working on my irons more then anything.

But what I want to do is tell my readers about some of the items that I recently purchased so you can get a feel for these items if you are in the market, or maybe I can even make the case for you using them.

The first item on my list was a Sunday Bag, which is what golfers call a smaller bag that is used to carry a smaller set of golf clubs then the 14 clubs that are allowed by the rules of golf.  Because as I stated earlier I play a lot of nine hole golf courses, which often have many par 3 holes, I really don't need a full set of clubs.

On some of the courses that I play on I only need a wedge, a nine iron and a putter.  So it is a pain carrying all my clubs, and it also can be a pain to carry your clubs loose and then forget one of them.  I also have been spending a lot of time on the range, and only work on several clubs at a time.  So a smaller bag works well to help me manage a subset of my clubs.

See ProActive Sports 5" Sunday Bag below at

I also picked up the Medicus 7 Iron, which is a hinged golf club that breaks if you do not swing it properly.  I have used it before and think that it has helped me to slow my shot down, and improve both my back swing as well as my down swing.  I will write a more detailed review of the club after I get it out on the golf range and hit enough practice balls to give a better view of what you can expect if you purchase this club.

See Medicus Men's Dual Hinged 7 Iron below at

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Jeni Seckman said...

A novice after 10 years of playing? I doubt that, but mastering a sport depends on many factors. For one, you must set a goal about how well you want to master that skill and along with that, is your motivation, willingness, and determination to be good at it. I wish you luck in your golfing pursuit!
Jeni @